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About Us

Our mission is you and your family's safety and security. Conceived in 2007, Sassy Lassy Safety offers an array of products focused on six important areas of personal well being; security, self-defense, surveillance, spy, safety and survival. We call them the 6 S's, which sounds a lot like the word "success". We are confident that your attention to these 6 S's could make a big difference in you and your loved one's security.

We succeed in delivering a superior customer experience due to our commitment to customer service, our vast security knowledge, and our superior relationships with our suppliers, both stateside and abroad.

We believe that each person has a right to protect themselves, their home and their families…without having to take a life.

We have recently moved to Ft. Mohave, Arizona, and will soon begin marketing to the locals in addition to the world.  If you are in need of pepper spray, a stun gun, a taser or other defense products, visit SassyLassySafety.com on a regular basis.  You will be considered MORE than a customer; you will be a friend!

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